Ohio Required & Optional Forms

All required and optional forms listed below are available on the Ohio Department of Education’s website. Click here to review these forms.

The Required Forms are listed below:

  • Form PR-01: Prior Written Notice to Parents
  • Form PR-02: Parent Invitation
  • Form PR-03: Manifestation Determination Review
  • Form PR-04: Referral for Evaluation
  • Form PR-05: Parent Consent for Evaluation
  • Form PR-06: Evaluation Team Report (ETR)
  • Form PR-07: Individualized Education Program (IEP)
  • Form PR-09: Services Plan (SP)

The Optional Forms are listed below:

  • Form OP-9: Attempts to Obtain Parent Participation
  • Form OP-8: Summary of Performance
  • Form OP-7: Assignment of a Surrogate Parent
  • Form OP-6: Progress Report
  • Form OP-5: Parent/Guardian Excusal
  • Form OP-4: Agreement to Waive Reevaluation
  • Form OP-3: Manifestation Determination
  • Form OP-2: Behavior Intervention Plan
  • Form OP-1: Functional Behavior Assessment