Office for Exceptional Children LiveBinder

The Ohio Department of Education’s Office for Exceptional Children constructed a LiveBinder filled with resources and information relating to the Individualized Education Program, Evaluation Team Report, and Post-Secondary Transition. The specific resources are listed below.

The following resources are located in the Evaluation Team Report section of LiveBinder:

  • Comprehensive and Compliance
  • Eligibility
  • Link to IEP
  • Individual Evaluator
  • Interventions
  • Parents
  • ETR Planning
  • Preschool

The following resources are located in the Individualized Education Program section of LiveBinder:

  • Comprehensive Monitoring
  • Section 6 PLOP
  • Section 6 Measurable Goals
  • Section 7 Specially Designed Instruction
  • Section 7 Accommodations
  • Section 11 LRE
  • Discipline Procedures-CWD

The following resources are located in the Post-Secondary Transition section of LiveBinder:

  • Post-Secondary Goals
  • AATA and Surveys
  • Services and Activities
  • Summary of Performance
  • Additional Teacher Resources

Complete information regarding these topics is available from the Office for Exceptional Children’s LiveBinder Folder.